ConnText Labels Co. Massachusetts USA

Following are some comments from our awesome customers.

Wow! I've never received an order from the U.S. so quickly!
The labels arrived today, Feb. 25th. If you sent them on the 20th,
that means it took them only 5 days to get here.
I know this is due, to a large extent, to the workings of the post offices
in the U.S. and here, but I just wanted you to know
that my order arrived safely and quickly. I've been ordering labels from you for over 10 years (!)
and have always been satisfied with the labels and with your service.
Ruth --D.N. Misgav, Israel

I have been always thinking of getting iron on labels for my work jackets.
So I decided to Google search iron on labels.
I must have looked at around 10 different companies.
Then I came upon your website. 100 labels for $12.95!
Wow I could not believe the price! The $12.95 included shipping!
I always worried that somebody was going to take the wrong jacket
because we have all the same jackets.
I used a permanent marker but it is hard to read.
I ironed on 6 labels to my work jackets and liners.
I also did my raincoat and rain pants and a zippered sweatshirt.
I put the tags on the manufacturer's label. It was very easy to do.
Now I feel more secure in not losing my jackets, liners,
raincoat, rain pants and sweatshirt.
I am sure once my co-workers see these labels that they will want some.
I will make sure to tell them about you.
Thanks for a great price and product.
Ernest S. -Gardena, California

And then there's the #irononnamelabel for
EVERY single piece of clothing going to camp.
#camplabels #namelabels #packingforcamp and
I always use #ConnTextlabels #fast & a #bargain Love it!!
Kellee M. -- Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Have ordered with you in the past and love how easy your
labels adhere and do not come off until needed.
Thank you for your great product!
Carol, Brookline, New Hampshire

I love your labels. They stay on great even with
the nursing home doing the laundry. You have great service and a great product. Thank you.
Barbara -Rock River Ohio

I have been meaning to write and thank you for getting those labels out
to me so quickly! I could not believe it....I think they were here
in 2 days!!! Your company rocks! And I will recommend you to anyone who needs
labels! They were done exactly as I requested and were so easy to use.
Thank you so much.
Ann Marie, Lenexa Kansas

I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for the amazing service, support,
and products ConnText provides.
I placed an order through you all AND received it in 4 days!!!
I found your company's website to be very user friendly, the prices more than reasonable,
and the labels themselves far beyond my expectations!!
Thank you all very much again,
from one extremely satisfied customer!
c/o abby's bag company

You have the best labels around, this is my 10th or so year ordering from you folks.
Barbara, Marblehead MA

Again.......... I have been ordering labels from you for 13 years,
they are the best quality and stay on forever! Barbara, Marblehead MA

Well, I tried the iron on labels and they worked out beautifully..!
Thanks so much for your wonderful service and product. I never would have thought
that the iron on would work...had you not offered that suggestion.
I will surely refer business to you when the need arises..
I am a calligrapher and often do work with artists and
wedding planners..I will listen up to see who might need your services.
Amy -Needham, MA

Just wanted to say, as a United States Marine,
all of our uniforms have to be labeled,
and the stores on base all sell cheap labels that you
stamp with your name. Ever since I got my Conntext labels,
My uniforms look sharp, and Everyone in my unit
always asks where I got them from,
I refer everyone to conntext.com. Awesome product!
5 stars!!
Fred -USMC

A report on dying the labels:
I was concerned after purchasing the dye and reading the instruction
warning against using it on 100% polyester.
I purchased RIT® dye in liquid form hoping to achieve a pale green color
even though the bottle stated "kelly green" -- the choices were only
"dark green" or "kelly green." Since I had purchased more labels than I needed,
I was able to conduct a test by leaving labels in for 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 45 and 60 minutes.
After 1 minute the label was barely different than white.
The 30, 45 and 60 minute labels were a deeper green and nearly
the same as each other, but still readable.
I settled on 15 minutes as the closest shade to my needs,
while still very readable.
I have already ironed the labels on the yarmulkes and they look very, very good
-- no wrinkling even though the crocheting leaves a slightly bumpy surface.
I am VERY pleased with the label and your service. Thank you again!
Patricia- Birmingham, Michigan

I received my labels today and just wanted to say what prompt service you did
in making these up for me and mailing them out, the labels are exactly how I wanted them,
they are beautiful and will be a great addition sewn on my product line.
Thank-you for the free shipping too!
I found you on yahoo search engine, so glad I stumbled upon your web site,
and will definitely purchase from you again when my label supply starts getting low.
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you providing such a great quality
product and great service as well. Thanks again!
Linda- Monkey Bizness Chicago Illinois

I wanted to thank you for all your help over Thanksgiving to get our order
out in time for our wedding. The labels were creatively designed and
well-made, and they came with perfect timing. ConnText has a terrific
selection of fonts and personalization options, great prices, quick
turn-around, and super customer service. I would recommend you to anyone.
Rachel S. -Philadelphia Pennsylvania

I'm a first-time ConnText customer, but with your low prices, high
quality, and superfast processing and shipping, you can be sure I'll be
coming back time and again. Other places had too many bells and
whistles at twice the price and a two- to three-week lead time. These
simple yet snazzy labels are just what we needed as our son enters
preschool; if we happen to have any left over (which isn't likely!), we
can be sure he won't outgrow their classic design. (He had fun choosing
his favorite font, too.)
Thank you for a fine product, and I look forward to my next order.
Nora S -Clinton Township, Michigan

Thank you for your wonderful labels.
I have received the labels and they are great. I am
recommending your company to my friends.
You are economical, fast and thorough.
Rebecca -Burbank, California

Thanks Howard! I think I spoke with you on the phone yesterday, but I just wanted to say
how easy this was! After 10 minutes of "surfing" and three minutes on your
website, I took care of this item on my ToDo list!
Thanks again & I bet I'll be shopping with you again!
Lori -Stamford CT

My labels arrived today, and I wanted to let you know
how happy I am with them. They are perfect, and
I have already told two other moms at my girls' school
about them. Being since they attend a private school, everybody's
sweaters look identical. This can be a problem, especially
in kindergarten! In any case, thank you for the labels and know
that I am referring many to your website.
Heather -Carrollton, Texas

It IS true. You guys are fantastic. I typed in my four orders for
labels on Friday evening and now the labels arrived -- exactly as
requested -- on Tuesday morning.

At the risk of sounding quite AU COURANT, I must say you folks are
absolutely GNARLY.

Thanks for your great service and product.

Helene -Shamong, New Jersey

Good Morning, Can't thank you enough for the abso-fabulous service you provided
for me, I received my second order just in time for me to label and
get off to my first show of the season! A great success with your help.
Now people can see my business and contact number every time they
wear one of my specialty clothing items!! What a treat. You guys rock!!
I told everyone about you, hope you don't mind :)
Janny G. Aberdeen, Washington

Thanks for the great service. This will be part of the
gift for my mother who has Alzheimer's and lives in a
care facility. Many blessings.
Carole, Ronan, Montana

You are terrific! I just sent in my order via e-mail.
And Happy New Year to you and your family.
I am in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and it is freezing here.
I'll bet it's colder where you are!

Thank you for getting back to me. I am impressed
with the speed in which I\received my order and the fact that you responded
to my e-mail so quickly.
Thank you! Angela -Gloucester, MA

Thank you. I really like your labels. I think they are the best. Thanks.
Dorothy -Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I received my labels and like them so much I
want to order 200 more of them. Please use all the same mailing info, card
number, etc. and let me know when they ship. Thanks!
Karen -Cincinatti, Ohio

I just received my labels! I am so thrilled with them!
I ordered them on Tuesday, and they arrived today.
(And I didn't order special shipping!) They are perfect! I just wanted to thank you for
your superior service. I will certainly be ordering from you again.
Mischa, Baby slings even your baby will love!

I have received labels from the company well.
The labels look very nice..
Thank you for your well-made labels...
I am satisfied with the labels.
I would use the labels usefully..
P.S: My English is not very good... I would like you to understand me....
yours sincerely
Tae Jun -Seoul Korea

Arrived this week and are wonderful as always! Thanks!! Love these labels!
Joanne -Gaithersburg, Maryland

Wow! I got the labels on Tuesday. They were great. Thanks for the quick service.
My daughter is delighted that hers will look different than everyone else's.
I will recommend your site to other campers.
MJ -Westford, Massachusetts

Oh, Honey, everything is just fine! I'll be looking forward to receiving my
labels as always. Mahalo and Aloha, Kalei -Waipahu HI
P.S. You've got wonderful service!!!!

whoever you are - you've been an absolute joy to do this camp thing with!
Jano -Houston, Texas

I've been buying labels from you for 9 years...love 'em!...
Denise -LeSueur, Minnesota

I just wanted to say thanks for my labels! I received them super fast,
and they are working great! I was quite pleased with my first order...
and the second makes me just as happy. Thanks for providing such a
great product at such an affordable price!
Heather -Chattanooga, Tennessee

Thanks so much...Love your labels. Your prices are great and the
service is super fast. (Other companies wanted me to wait 2-3 weeks for
my labels) I will definitely use you again and recommend you to
others...thanks again.
Michelle -Saint James, New York

I am very happy with my label order. It's so easy
to place the order on-line and they arrive quickly.
My daughters are in daycare so I use the labels for the
clothing and other items that are kept at daycare.
I will definitely continue to order from your website.
Stacey, -Mequon Wisconsin

Thanks so much! Received the labels yesterday (VERY QUICK!) and they are PERFECT!!
Exactly as I requested - glad I found you in my on-line search!
Laurie -Douglasville, Georgia

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for
the absolutely excellent service that your company provides.
The service was outstanding and the product is of a good standard.
will be recommending [it] to other interested parties in New Zealand.
David L. -Northland, New Zealand

I'm a fan of your labels for many, many years!
So many lost items have been returned, sometimes
even before I know they've been misplaced!
The labels also help enormously when sorting
the laundry for three boys! Thanks as always....
Allison E. -Charlotte, North Carolina

Holy Cow! Fastest service I have ever encountered!
I wish I could give you a feedback like the ones on Ebay
but not to worry - I will refer your company
to those who need labels from now on.
Thanks for making them with super speed!.......
Ana W. -Barrington, Illinois

Thanks. Love, love, love your labels.
They are the only ones my kids will tolerate. This
is my fourth order from you.
Jennifer F. -Short Hills, New Jersey

Hi, I just want to thank you for such a good product.
I ordered some labels on Friday, 4/21 and received
them on 4/24. I was really impressed. Also thank you
for not making them in nylon or poly.
The labels were very easy to put on the garments.
Again thank you.
Carmen C. -Gilbert, Arizona

I was so happy to find your site again. For the past 3 years
we used another company's labels. There were made of some stiff
scratchy material. Your cotton labels are very soft and nice.
Melissa R. -Albany, California

I received my tinybeginnings labels and you guys are great!!!! I love ordering from you.
Thanks again for being so wonderful and speedy.
Noreen, Cold Spring, New York

Hello My name is Adela and I have purchased your wonderful labels in the past. I
have nothing but great things to tell my friends and other mothers about your
products and customer service. In fact, I've been so pleased with the
quality of your labels, that I want to do a project in my son's class using
the same cotton material you use. I thought the kids could decorate the
strips of fabric and the adults could iron them on to decorate a clothing
item (canvas hat, shirt, etc). Is it possible for me to purchase the cotton
fabric from you directly for this purpose? Would I need to go through whoever
you purchase it from? Or will this not work? Thank you for your wonderful
product, and with spring fast approaching, you'll be getting another order
from me very soon!! :)

Thanks for being so fast in getting the labels out.
My daughter Nicole is going to summer camp in N.C. this summer.
She was looking for a little something out of the ordinary in a name label.
Finally we came upon your company.
Thanks for having a GREAT selection.
Debbie -Vero Beach, Florida

Thank you for the swift service. The labels are great
and I appreciate the quality of your service! Great job!
Lois -Grafton, Massachusetts

The labels came in today's mail. What speedy service!
Mary Jo -Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania

Just wanted to thank you again for great customer
service. I received the labels yesterday. Thank you.
Jacquie -Doraville, Georgia

Absolutely amazing! I ordered them Friday afternoon, and my daughter Leora
received them today!!! (Monday)
S.T. -New York, NY

I received my labels yesterday. They are very nice and I appreciate the
quick turn around. I will be recommending you to my fellow crafters, and
ordering from you again.
Beth at homeindulgences.com

Thanks a lot for your QUICK turnaround on my son's labels,
I'm now hooked on your labels and anything else you have to offer for young
"sleep-away" campers e-mail us and let us know!!! SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!
Q. D. -San Francisco, California

As promised in our telephone conversation, I'm e-mailing you
to let you know that the order that I placed for labels on Thursday,
June 22, using the Internet, arrived in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada (quite an out-of-the-way-place)
on Wednesday, June 28.
The labels are great and I've been sewing all evening...
my daughter leaves for camp tomorrow. Thank you for your very courteous and prompt service.
Sincerely, P.S. -Lindsay, Ontario

Wow, you guys are great. I can't believe that you were
able to process, print and ship the order such that it arrived on
Sunday morning when I only placed it at close to midday on Saturday.
I was expecting to get them on Monday at best and probably Tuesday. As it was, you guys
got them to us in time for our daughter Alex to go to her first day of
pre-school properly labeled. Thank you so much. I will be recommending you
to all my friends.
Best Regards, Adrian -New York, N.Y.

Received the iron on name labels today. They look good.
Thank you for your prompt processing of this order.
L.A.A. -Geneva, Switzerland

I just wanted to thank you for such speedy service!
I ordered labels on Friday and they arrived this morning. Can I put a link
to your site on my website? I'm at the URL below (in the sig line). I know
a lot of other work-at-home moms who will be eager to order after I tell
them about the wonderful service I received. I'll be ordering more
within the week! Thank you again. Sincerely,
Birdies Cloth Diapers

Thanks so much! I got my second order of labels today
and I love them! I added the link to ConnText on my website. I hope that
sends some more business your way. Thanks for a great service :)
A.B. -Smyrna, Delaware

W.H. -Castro Valley, California

I send you this note to confirm the arrival of the labels. They look really
nice! Hopefully, I'll be able to cut and iron them without problems!
Thanks again for your prompt and personal attention to this order. I look
forward to ordering from ConnText.com again.
Thank you! Tere -San Juan, Puerto Rico

Thank you for sending my product so quickly! I received
my labels only 3 days after placing the order. They have certainly made
back-to-school time much easier. I'll be back for more when we run out,
for sure... Thanks again!
L.D. -New Boston, New Hampshire

Dear Sir, I received my first order in a very timely manner.
I am more than pleased with the labels. Thank you. I have since sent
a second order, and will keep your name in my address book for further
orders. Once again, thank you.
J.P. -Moundsville, West Virginia

Thank you for great follow-up and customer service! I tried another site
before yours (the order on the search engine), and because
of your user friendliness (and competitive prices) I went
with your company. Looking forward to receiving my labels.
Joanie -Reno, Nevada

I received mine today - they are wonderful and your service
was quick! I'm going to give labels for Christmas! Thanks.
Frannie -Tarzana, California

You guys are amazing. I got my order incredibly fast. It is perfect. The
directions are clear, and so is reordering. I will certainly recommend you!!
Lorrie -Denver, Colorado

Thank you for your speedy reply. The labels look fabulous. I appreciate
your sending the proof sheet and the total. Please go ahead with the order.
Thanks again. I look forward to ordering replacements in the future. If you
have any catalogs you can send as well that would be fantastic.
Effney -Hollywood, California

I got my labels and they are GREAT! Thanks very much.
Jack -Atlanta, Georgia

I already love your company!
I work within the wholesale industry and customer service is
the first thing all of us look for.
I wanted to be clear that I need the name **** **** to be larger
than the San Francisco. Hoping to have San Francisco small,
centered, and at the bottom.
Julie -San Francisco, California

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